Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jung So Min's BTS Photo with Im Siwan for StandBy Episode 72!

They are so adorable right?
I really love the best bud vibe that Siwan and MinMin have!
I hope even in real life they are like that!
If that would be the case, happy to see MinMin having good friendship
 with her StandBy co-stars!

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  1. So pretty Somin, and she has mature aura too. Somin aura in these photo different with Somin aura in PK bts with HJ. Hope Somin get new project soon, i want to see she with strong caracter in drama, maybe with her ballet skill and her acting skill, she can act in "the black swan korean version".

    1. OMG! im thinking about the same thing!the black swan korean version! I really feel MinMin can nail that kind of role! with her dancing background and of course superb acting! she can have natalie portman's performance's run for its money! ^_^

    2. A Black Swan Korean version! That is such a brilliant idea! Surely Minmin's talent deserves more recognition in a role like that!

  2. ..i really like too the friendship of so min and si wan in stand by. and its not impossible for them not to be friends or have a good relationship off cam, for i know so min is approachable and easy to be friend with..I'm happy that she seems to be enjoying shooting stand by and i'm patiently waiting for her next drama.^^

  3. I think the same. min min should have the opportunity to appear in a drama that requires character. she has talent, a black swan Korean version would be a good idea.

  4. ilove minmin and siwan tandem.they 're so compatible to each other... dreaming of minmin a good drama...that can show her ability as an actress. she has talent , can show everything as a talented actress. hoping so on her next project...more power my dear ....hyunmin forever !!!!!!!!

  5. Must see ep 77 and 78 !! :D
    More So Min and Si Wan..